01 | Stretcher supports

Discover our range of stretchers supports

PB-421 | Raíl modular corto con cierre

PB4200-03330 | short ramp set with roller

PB-423/1 | Stretcher support set aluminium Ral.5010

PA-490/2 | Winch PA-490 /2 floor anchorage

PB-460/3 | Electric stretcher support PB-460/3

PB4200-03271 | Long ramp set - 500 mm

PB-726 | Stretcher support set PB-726 (white)

PB-722 | Stretcher support system set PB-722 (white)

PA-490/1 | Generic winch set

PB-460/2 | Electric stretcher support PB-460/2

PB-460/1 | Electric stretcher support PB-460/1

PB-440/2 | Automatic loading system PB-440

PB4200-03310 | Long ramp set - 450mm

PB4205-03090 | Long ramp set - 900mm

PB4200-03290 | Ultra long ramp set

PB4200-03072 | Promeba long ramp set - Std

PB4200-03172 | short ramp set Promeba

PB-725 | Stretcher support system set PB-725

PB-410/6 | Manual stretcher support (storage room included)

PB-720 | Stretcher support system set PB-720 (red)

PB-455/5 | Electric stretcher support with flat tray

PB-455 | Electric and suspension stretcher support

PB-455/4 | Electric and suspension stretcher support

PB-410 | Manuel stretcher support PB-410

PB-410/3 | Manual Stretcher support PB-410/3

PB-410/4 | Stretcher support PB-410/4

PB-410/5 | Large manual Stretcher support - 2m - PB-410/5

PB-420/6 | Stretcher support with space for scoop stretcher or spine board + lateral displacement

PB-420/4 | Double basic stretcher support PB-420/4

PB-420/3 | Basic plane stretcher support PB-420/3

PB-420/2 | Modular basic stretcher support PB-420/2

PB420/1 | Lateral movement basic stretcher support PB-420/1

PB-420 | Stretcher support with displacement movement