PA-220 | Pediatric electrode set

PA-221 | Adult electrode set

PA-32 | Portable electrocardiograph

PA-27 | Multi-parameter monitor

PA-31 | Multi-parameter monitor

PA-233 | Curve transfer table

PA-235 | 2 move set table transfer

PA-42 | Fiber optic laryngoscope kit

PA-63 | Oximeter

PA-70 | Portable electrocardiograph

PA-10 | Rescue stretcher 4 folds

PA-182 | Pupilar flashlight

PA-193 | Emergency backpack

PS-190 | Electric chair

PA-12 | Tijeras emergencia Robin

PA-147 | Emergency kit bag

PA-225 | Medical stool

PA-232 | Respiflo sterile water

PA-223 | Safety cone

PA-231 | Safety glasses

PA-230 | Safety helmet

PA-229 | Clothing strip tongues

PA-40 | Opener mouth

PA-103 | Plastic first aid kit

PA-236 | Samaritan data cable

PA-217 | Electrode training set

PA-26 | Trainer SAM defibrillator

PA-219 | CPR training

PA-238 | Big kit bag

PA-181/0 | Extensible handle for PS-181 chair

PA-615 | Adjustable double wheel kit

PA-88 | Content AID kit

PA-87 | Content AID kit

PA-216 | Exploration stretcher

PC-260 | Ambulance stretcher

PC-280 | Chair stretcher

PA-206 | Defibrillator AED Plus

PB-725 | Stretcher support system for PC-750 electric stretcher

PA-700 | Bariatric kit for PROMEBA's stretchers

PC-610/7 | Ambulance stretcher with 2 front caster wheels with Trendelemburg

PA-720 | Stackable document tray for PC-750 stretcher

PC-610/7 | Ambulance stretcher with 4 caster wheels with Trendelemburg

PC-755 | Incubator electric stretcher

PB-410/6 | Stretcher support with flat tray with scoop stretcher accommodation

PB-720 | Stretcher support system for PC-750 electric stretcher

PA-710 | Extensible headrest kit for PROMEBA's stretchers

PA-203 | Lifesave jacket

PA-201 | Rescue can

PA-200 | Rescue tube

PA-195 | Life ring

PA-194 | Disinfection system for ambulance

PA-178 | Disinfection system for ambulance

PA-67 | Defibrillator

PA-68 | Pediatric oximeter

PA-28 | Oximeter

80010 | Stretcher bottle carrier

PA-189 | AID Kit Bum Bag

PA-124 | Backpack

PA-162 | Kit bag

PA-175 | Manual vacuum

PA-183 | Lantern

PA-36B | Stethoscope

PA-30 | Universal scissors

PA-49 | Vacuum splints

PA-137 | Vacuum splints

PA-138 | Semirigid splints

PA-47 | Set of 5 neoprene splints

PA-191 | Pediatric cervical collar

PA-55 | Head immobilizer

PA-168 | Pediatric K.E.D.

PA-190 | Pediatric immobilize system

PA-54 | Stretcher chair

PA-79 | Emergency stretcher

PA-51 | Vaccum pump

PA512 | Flotation accessory for basket stretcher

PA511 | Harness system

PA-16 | Masks

PA-174 | Emergency hammer

PA-41| CRP Mask kit

PA-14 | Adjustable tourniquet

PA-46 | K.E.D.

PA-180 | Pediatric Immobilization system

PA-179 | Scoop stretcher & Spine board

PC-610/7H | Extra height stretcher with 2 caster wheels with Trendelemburg

PA-25 | Defibrillator SAM

PA-525 | Oxygen bottle holder for stretchers PROMEBA

PB-452 | Electric stretcher support

PA-560 | Angel Point first aid cabinet

PA-550 | Fixation system for Promeba stretchers

PA-555/2 | Fixation system for Promeba's stretchers

PB-455/3 | Lateral displacement electric stretcher support

PB-455/4 | Electric stretcher support with space for scoop stretcher and spine board

PB-455/5 | Electric stretcher support with flat tray

PB-455 | Stretcher support with electromechanical suspension

PB-440 | Automatic loading stretcher support

PB-410 | Stretcher support with space for scoop stretcher

PB-410/3 | Stretcher support with longitudinal movement

PB-417 | Stretcher support with space for scoop stretcher

PB-410/4 | Stretcher support with space for store scoop stretcher and spine board

PB-410/5 | Stretcher support with flat tray

PB-420/6 | Stretcher support with space for scoop stretcher or spine board + lateral displacement

PA-555/1 | INOX fixation system for PROMEBA stretchers

PA-535/1 | Fixation system for stretchers

PA-535/2 | Fixation system for stretchers

PA-631 | Homologated fireproof mattress for stretcher

PA-632 | Fireproof mattress anatomical stretcher

PA-610 | Universal foldable instrumental table

PA-500 | Foldable instrumental table PC-650/PC-675

PC-675 | Trolley stretcher with Fowler and Trendelemburg position

PA-495 | Set of belts for stretcher

PC-262 | Mortuory trolley stretcher

PA-570 | Anchorage system for PROMEBA chair PS-170

PC-267 | Mortuory stretcher trolley

PC-615 | Incubator stretcher

PA-172 | Homologated harness belt

PA-173 | Homologated simple belt

PB-420/4 |Fixed stretcher support with double space

PB-420/3 | Fixed extra plane stretcher support

PB-420/2 | Fixed stretcher support with space for scoop stretcher or spine board

10XLP | X-Ray scoop stretcher

PA-05 | Aluminum scoop stretcher

PA-06 | X-Ray Spine board

PA-07 | X-Ray Pediatric spine board

PA-09 | Folding rescue stretcher

PA-575 | Anchorage system for PROMEBA chair PS-154

PA-540 | Desfibrillator cabinet

PA-365 | Tabler support for stacking stretcher PA-19

PA-50 | Vacuum mattress

PA-170 | Spider strap for spine board

PA-501 | Pole for ambulances

PB420/1 | Extra plane stretcher support with lateral displacement

PS-170 | Aluminum evacuation chair

PE-55 | Electric step

PA-520 | Manual step

PA-19 | Emergency stretcher

PA-13 | CPR Board

PA-21 | Stretcher chair

PA-45 | Vertical rescue stretcher

PA-17 | Adult resuscitator (PVC material)

PA-18 | Pediatric resuscitator (PVC material)

PA-02 | Pediatric resuscitator (silicone material)

PA-01 | Adult resuscitator (silicone material)

PB-420 | Stretcher support with space for scoop stretcher and lateral displacement

PS-120 | Steel French chair folding system

PS-125 | Aluminum French chair folding system

PA-20 | Body splint

PA-52 | Basket stretcher

PA-53 | Basket stretcher 2 pieces

PA205 | Short spine board

PA-210 | X-Ray Ultra-Light Adult spine board

PA212 | X-Ray Ultra-Light pediatric spine board

PS-154/2 | Evacuation chair

PC-650 | Stretcher with Fowler and Trendelemburg

PS-145 | Aluminum French chair folding system

PC-610/7 | Ambulance stretcher with 2 rear caster wheels with Trendelemburg

PA-15 | Rescue blanket

PA-48 | Set of 6 air splints

PA-91 | Vacuum mattress

PA-164 | Pediatric traction splint

PA-161 | Adult traction splint

PA-08 | Rolled splint

PA-11 | Universal head immobilizer

PS-181 | Evacuation and transport chair with tracks

PA-125 | Backpack

PC-750 | Electric stretcher

PA-620 | IV pole for PROMEBA's stretchers