Ambulance stretcher with 2 caster wheels with Trendelemburg

PC 610/7  stretcher offers a greatbalance between performance and features thanks to its structure in high aluminum. Its components are extensively tested in demanding use conditions made that give high reliability.

Available with rotating rear wheels and brake on the front ones.  Folding backrest and side rails, adjusable pole IV, extensión handles…

A versatile stretcher to cover the most of the needs of the sector.

Extremely light with structure in high-strength aluminum

Reclining back by manual operation

Telescopic handles for better maneuverability

Roller front to facilitate a smooth and convenient charging

Reinforcing brace for both legs

Folding handrails on themselves to not hinder the user

Drive ergonomic handles injected high strength plastic

Double stitched canvas easy loading and cleaning in black

Folding handrails on themselves to not hinder the user

Foldable IV pole that allows to any spot on the stretcher

Intermediate stop to effect the transfer or facilitate the incorporation of the patient


Large | 1920 mm

Width | 580 mm

Height min.-max. | 350-880 mm

Weight | 43 Kg

Load capacity | 250 Kg

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