The chair for emergencies more versatile by Promeba, knows the chair PS-250

The chair for emergencies more versatile by Promeba, knows the chair PS-250

The model PS-250 is the new concept of chair. It has an advanced system that allows to fold or open the chair in 2 seconds. This system of folded is unique on the market (patented by Promeba).

The chair is made of aluminium and designed with 4 wheels, two swivel with a brake on the front and two of great diameter on the posterior part.

The armrest is folding and quilted; the telescopic handles have 2 positions; and the footrest is folding too.

The seat and the backrest are made of ABS to improve the hygiene and facilitate the cleanliness.

In the zone of the torso and legs are the safety belts, the measures are adapted for the patients of major volume.

In addition, the best feature of the PS-250 chair is that it can become a manual or an electric track chair.

The PS-250 chair can be a chair with manual track thanks to the PA-265 or a chair with electric track with PA-260.

The power module is designed by the most modern technology: handle coated with non-slip cover; roll-over transport wheels; powerful LED lighting on both sides, etc.

Likewise, to anchor any of the pieces of the set in the ambulance, it is possible to choose from two different methods.

The first option is the support PA-270 that has rapid blockade and a system of load for the electrical track PA-260. Or, the second one, the support PA-280 that also has rapid blockade and with the foot.

Also Promeba offers alternatives for the storage of the set: the wall cupboard PA-257 and / or the case of canvas PA-254.

Not only has this endless number of possibilities, also it is possible to complement the kit with the PA-252, the external loader for track PA-260; or with the PA-251 immobilizer of head for the detachable chair.

What modality is the best for your needs?