Electric Incubator stretcher set pc-756 white

The incubator electric stretcher PC-756 by Promeba allows you to load the incubator effortlessly.

It has an advanced software control system ensures smoother up and down operations. This differential point improves the EMS technician experience while optimizes battery consumption greatly.

If you want to customize our products with the corporate color of your company, it is possible due to our customization service.

Resistant and light aluminum manufacture.

Advanced software with control map, smoothness use and battery life safe.

Electro-hydraulic system capable of lifting up to 300 kg.

Ergonomic control panel and fault code signaling.

Flashing and fixed LED lighting modes for warning and darkness zones.

Warning device buzzer when we operate the stretcher in a crowded zones.

Four lockable wheels and brakes at the back ones.

Automatic switching batteries as charging status.

External battery charger included.


Lenght | 2375 mm

Width | 575 mm

Height min.-max. | 390-1270 mm

Weight | 65 Kg

Wheels | Ø160×40 mm

Trat lenght | 1765 mm

Tray widht | 525 mm

Operator required | 1

Loading height | 920 mm

Loading time | 120 min

Op. temperature | -20º / 40º C

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