Promeba launches the revolutionary electric stretcher PC-750

Promeba presents the high performance electric stretcher. An advanced system composed of stretcher and stretcher support which allows a load of the patient without effort. It is able to work with loads up to 300kg. Multiple accessories available. The future is now.

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PROMEBA presented the revolutionary electric stretcher PC-750 in the RETTmobil 2016

From 11 to 13 May the RETTmobil was celebrated in Fulda (Germany), where was introduced all developments in the health and emergencies sector.

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The transport without effort thanks to the new electric stretcher PC-750 and the PB-720 support by Promeba

Do not miss the video of the PC-750 electric stretcher and PB-720 support. Meet all the benefits that brings the new electric stretcher and their stretcher support do to the EMS professionals.


New video of PB-440 electric stretcher support

The PB-440 electric stretcher support by Promeba performs a fully automatic loading and unloading without any effort for the EMS professionals.

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Discover our wide range of benches, designed to meet all the needs of the sector.

Our extensive range of stretcher supports for ambulance covers the majority of existing needs today in the emergency sector.

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New updates in our stretcher PB-610/7

In Promeba, always in line with the continuous improvement of our products, we have improved even further our best-selling model, the stretcher PB-610/7.

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New range of electrical, functional and efficient stretcher supports.

We complete our range of electric benches with new products, such as the fully automatic forklift PB-440 or PB-455, an electric bed series with multiple configurations available.

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Leading products for the medical transport

In 1992 Promeba starts working on the development and manufacture of products for the emergency adn rescue transport, turns over the years into a leader in its sector to end up being a national leader in the manufacture of benches. In 2005 the commercial unique and exclusive department for this type of products, and from 2007 starts dating to international trade is created.

Stretcher Supports

Complete range of stretcher support, with electric, manual and rail system. Products certified to EN1789 5.3 (10G).


Full range of electric stretchers, monobloc, trolley-stretcher and accessories for ambulance. Products with the EN1789 5.3 (10G) certification.

Evacuation Chairs

Chairs for transportation and evacuation of patients for use in medical transportation and different models depending on the emergency.

Emergency Supplies

Basic items in emergencies and rescue for immobilization and patient transport, consumables, backpacks, kits …

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Promeba collaborates in the training of Emergency Technicians

Promeba bet on training, for this reason, its team approaches to the educational centers to bring their professional experience and business innovation to the students of the Emergency Health Technician course. In the photographs, you can see how the Promeba team shows the latest products of the sector to the... read more